Company's longstanding reputation in broadcasting large-scale live events and its commitment to delivering innovative technologies to meet the emerging needs of the industry ensure successful completion of highest quality projects.

Project management

It is vital to have knowledgeable team who understand the needs of customers and can detail the right solution for their requirements. From concept drawing and system layouts, to camera plans and production room layouts, we work hand in hand with our clients to achieve the best possible results in every project we manage. We have senior DOPs and guarantee engineers available to help make clients’ production a success. Our unrivalled market intelligence provides an advantage in sourcing freelance production talent with extensive experience in all broadcasting production needs. We ensure that all aspects of a large production project are kept in focus. A fully managed or a partially managed project requires setting up equipment in a timely manner. Compact packing for fast set-up times, particularly for large and live events is essential element of our project management support.

Integration support

No matter how complex the requirements are, our experienced team of professionals are able to integrate the most suited and cost-effective system on short notice via highly efficient workflows. We offer support for project integration, system planning, installation and wiring, lighting design,and engineering maintenance.

Production support

We supply every support needed for pre-production and delivery of a successful production. Our engineers, unit managers, and project managers with a long and in-depth experience in broadcasting industry use in-house portable production units to assist technical aspects of any types of broadcasting production. Planning Workflow Processes