November 24, 2015. We had the pleasure of taking care of the coverage for Mr. Modi's visit to Singapore. We have received positive feedback on the smooth production, gear, crew, and support for the Indian PMs coverage.

Farisha is The Final 1! Get Shaun and Farisha's original songs now! Stay tuned for all our exciting backstage interviews at the finale too!

Session 1

  • 1st May (Rig)
  • 2nd May (TX & Rig)

Session 2

  • 15th May (Rig)
  • 16th May (TX)
  • 17th May (TX & Rig)

Session 3

  • 5th May (Rig)
  • 6th May (TX)
  • 7th May (TX & Rig)

Session 4

  • 26th June (Rig)
  • 27th June (TX)
  • 28th June (TX & Rig)

Session 5

  • 14th Aug (Rig)
  • 15th Aug (TX & Rig)


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